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A passion for camping made in Germany

In our family, we have only ever considered one type of holiday: Camping.
Back in the 70s, my father Josef and I came up with the idea of designing a motor home cabin that would fit on a VW pick-up. The popular VW was much more manoeuvrable than a car towing a caravan. Our idea was a complete success and led to the establishment of TISCHER GmbH.

The range grew along with our experience
Today, our family company based in Kreuzwertheim designs and manufactures demountable cabins for all pick-ups available on the German market. With over 30 staff, we produce around 200 cabins per year.

Cabin for cabin, with premium materials, precise workmanship and a passion for detail, we produce top quality “Made
in Germany”.
This is complemented by a comprehensive range of additional services: We sell all current pick-up models, offer a repair and spare parts service and meet even the most unusual customer requests. And as we stay in close contact with our customers after the sale, we often implement their ideas and suggestions. Because nothing is more important to us that your untroubled holiday experience with our TISCHER demountable cabins.


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