About us

TISCHER manufactory

The manufacturing concept plays a major role for us. We want to “feel” every cabin that leaves our house. We therefore work largely by hand with great attention to detail. This applies to the cabin structure as well as to our furniture production. Thanks to 50 years of experience, we have a lot of know-how and can solve even difficult tasks professionally. State-of-the-art technology helps us produce cabins with the highest precision.

TISCHER manufactory

Passion for drop-off cabins

Modern engineering and traditional handcrafting

Cabin construction

From the first draft to the finished TISCHER cabin, we take your wishes and requirements into account.

That’s why our employees use the latest machine technology and a high level of precision craftsmanship to produce high-quality “Made in Germany” stacking cabins.

The cabins are a sandwich construction. Aluminum sheet, rigid foam and the plywood panel on the inside are bonded under pressure. The CNC-milled cabin components are then precisely assembled.

This design has several advantages: high stability, low weight and excellent insulation properties.

Two strong variants


We are curious whether you prefer TRAIL or BOX.

Double-walled foam molded parts made of fiberglass plastic (GRP) are used to construct the alcove. On the living cabin, they form a double-shell, well-insulated roof hood with built-in windows including blackout. Inside is your cozy sleeping place where you can snooze and chill like a marmot.

We will build the outer alcove shape of your choice: Do you like the TRAIL version on the right in the film better? Or should it be a Tischer BOX? It looks a bit more angular and voluminous, while TRAIL looks more modern and increases aerodynamics when driving. This shape also creates a little more space inside so that you can develop a little more freely.

Rock solid – versatile in design


In the next step, we give each living room its chic outfit.

Each of our living cabins, which are almost completely handcrafted, has a high-quality, stove-enamelled and smooth aluminum outer skin. This material allows different design concepts to be realized.

The other components we install on the vehicle exterior include high-quality, cold bridge-free SEITZ double windows with mosquito nets and blackout roller blinds. Of course, the entrance door with mosquito screen and solid security lock is also of the highest quality and perfectly integrated.

High-quality and appealing

Cabin construction

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand for us.

We manufacture precisely coordinated furniture that stands for both functionality and a feel-good character in the interior. Everything important is ready to hand in its place. At the same time, we want to offer open spaces, attractive surfaces and comfortable seating.

Special requests are also no problem for us: additional storage space, individual interior fittings or even more comfort – we implement even the most unusual ideas exactly according to your wishes.

Everything in elaborate custom work


When assembling, we fit everything together with millimeter precision.

Anyone who is as precise as we are when planning, preparing and building the individual components can rely on the seamless fit of the parts during assembly.

It is always exciting for our excellently qualified and experienced manufacturing experts to see how, for example, the large and small elements on the alcove and roof come together smoothly. It works like huge three-dimensional puzzle pieces that ultimately create a coherent overall picture.

Handcrafted with precision down to the last nooks and crannies


Our mastery also counts when it comes to creating a homely ambience.

The high standard of craftsmanship in the production of our furniture is matched by the mastery of its installation into the living room. We don’t know any ifs and buts here either. What matters? You should be able to enjoy your comfortable interior for many years to come.

From the wall paneling made of solid poplar plywood to the decorative coating on the interior walls and the hard-wearing PVC floor to curtains, fabrics and robust upholstery covers; From your mobile gourmet kitchen to the surprisingly spacious bathroom: at Tischer, nothing is left to be desired when it comes to quality and comfort.