TISCHER Pick-up-Idea

The most flexible way to go on a mobile vacation

The pick-up is an iconic American invention. Since the 1920s, this vehicle type has been deployed in the USA for nearly all purposes. The idea of using the pick-up as the basis for a motor home was also born in the USA. It was perfected and quality-enhanced, on the other hand, by us Europeans.

The desire for unrestricted mobility when traveling is very strong among camping holidaymakers. However, a combination of a car and a caravan is rather difficult to maneuver, especially in cities or mountainous regions, and many motorhomes fail here due to their size.

Not too big for city traffic, not too small for comfortable travel – a pick-up truck with a comfortable drop-off cabin forms the ideal basis for flexible mobility.

Biggest advantages of the TISCHER demountable cabins: Not only are they particularly easy to mount and demount, the loading area of ​​the pick-up can be fully used after the cabin has been set down. Find out about the other advantages of TISCHER demountable cabins on our website.

You will be surprised at how many options a TISCHER demountable cabin offers you.


Our two box versions

Platform versions


Two double walled, foam filled GFK moulding parts are used for the round alcoves that form the corners of the alcoves and the back. With these parts and the round sandwich roof and sidewall transition points, a beautifully shaped and modern structure is created. The front and back connections are also rounded without the use of a frame. This cabin concept creates excellent aerodynamics that is not only noticed in the consumption of diesel.


Platform versions


The BOX-Version is a simpler, less expensive but just as high quality cabin. The structure of the wall with the sandwich panels with 30 mm solid foam insulation and a smooth aluminium outer membrane is identical to the TRAILVersion. Due to the square construction, the cabin appears to be larger and does not have the excellent aerodynamics of the TRAIL-Version.

Mounting and demounting made easy

practical tip

Taking a cabin along in piggy-back sounds complicated? It’s absolutely nothing of the kind! Our video demonstrates that, with just a little practice, the cabin can be mounted and demounted in just 20 minutes. It requires hardly any physical effort and safety is always guaranteed. Enjoy maximum freedom: At your holiday destination, the vehicle can be used like a normal pick-up – including the truck bed.

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