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Mounting and demounting

Mounting and demounting the cabin is easy with the aid of the retrac-table supports. Due to professional familiarisation session conducted by our specialist staff when the vehicle is being handed over, and with a little practice, mounting and demounting can be done in 20 minutes.

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Mounting and demounting made easy

Mounting and demounting made easy


For demounting, you just have to release the attachments between cabin and pick-up and drop the four supports to the ground. The supports are extended with the help of a crank, an electric screwdriver or electrically until the cabin is separated from the vehicle. Once you have driven the vehicle away, you lower the cabin slightly to facilitate easy entry.

Mounting and demounting made easy


Mounting the cabin is similarly easy, just in the reverse order: Lift the cabin until you can drive the pick-up beneath it. Now lower the cabin again, attach the brackets, plug in the 12-Volt plug and retract the supports.

Mounting and demounting made easy

Intelligent construction

Every TISCHER cabin is designed to ensure that the truck bed need not be altered; it can be used without restriction following demounting. So you have a fully-functional vechile available at your holiday destination. That’s what we understand by “intelligent”

Intelligente Bauweise Tischer Wohnkabine

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Mounting and demounting made easy

Practical tips for demounting cabins

Pictures say more than a thousand words and a film goes even further. So instead of beating about the bush, we simply show you the main features of the idea behind demountable cabins. It’s quite simple – you will see for yourself.