About ourselves

TISCHER Manufacturing

The idea of manufacturing plays a major role in our work. We want to have “felt” every cabin that leaves our plant. That’s why, with enormous attention to detail, we do most of our work by hand. This applies just as much to the cabin structure as to the production of our furniture. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we have enormous expertise and can provide professional solutions to even the most challenging tasks. Modern technology supports us in producing cabins with the highest level of precision.

TISCHER Manufacturing

Passion for demounable cabins

Modern engineering and traditional handcrafting

Cabin constructions & furnishings

From the initial design to the finished TISCHER cabin, we take your wishes and requirements into account.

That is why, with the most modern machine engineering and the highest standards of precise workmanship, our staff produce premium-quality demountable cabins “Made in Germany”.

The cabin is constructed to a sandwich design. The aluminium sheeting, solid foam and internal plywood panel are glued under pressure. Thereafter, the CNC-machined cabin components are precisely assembled.

This construction technique offers a number of advantages: a high level of stability, low weight and outstanding insulating properties.

High-quality and appealing

Cabin construction

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

We produce precisely tailored furniture, emphasising both functionality and wellbeing in the interior. Everything you need has a place of its own, close at hand. At the same time, we strive to provide open spaces, appealing surfaces and comfortable seating.

And special wishes present no problems either: Additional storage space, individual interior fittings or even greater comfort – we execute even the most unusual of ideas to meet your specifications exactly.